Enjoy your yard this summer by treating for mosquito’s from our new service we proudly provide. This treatment provides a safe and effective product to control all existing IMG_0492mosquito’s as well as larvae that haven’t hatched yet, in the hidden breeding grounds throughout your yard. Our trained technician fumigates your yard, concentrating under the leaves and bushes, where mosquito’s like to hide. We look for any potential standing water, that attracted the mosquito’s in which they can lay up to 100-300 eggs at a time, up to every three days,

We offer the most advanced mosquito products available!

Our treatments last for one month, verse the 21 days that our competitors offer. We recommend treatments thru September, as long as it’s warm they can continue to breed. * $75 is per month, plus tax, for us to 1/2 acre property. Completely safe for pets and children. 100% Guaranteed. We also offer a one-time treatment, for special occasions such as a wedding or party. Call for those details and pricing.

Did you know the city of Columbus tests for West Nile Virus and other Mosquito Life Cycle2diseases weekly?

Check it out here to see if your community has tested positive and for further information to how they monitor our mosquito’s.

Tips on preventing mosquito breeding grounds in your yard: